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Hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets and butchers around the world are buying Australian Lamb Company Group (ALC) products from our two fully licensed facilities located in Sunshine, Melbourne and Colac in south west Victoria.

ALC exports to over 70 countries worldwide. Established customers know to expect superior meat quality and consistency. The process begins with individually selected farmers, whose commitment to rearing prime quality lambs, is coupled with leading management practices and a dedication to continually improving product standards. All ALC’s livestock are protected under the Livestock Welfare Certified System, which demonstrates our commitment and compliance to ensure best-practice animal welfare standards during transport and receival of livestock at our processing establishments.

Australia is renowned for its clean, green and fresh farming lands. ALC produces and sources its product form regions with temperate climates and high rainfall, where the resulting product is fresh tender and flavoursome.

As a privately owned company, the principals John Verrall and Denis Zarpellon, together with the Board of Directors (Darren Verrall, Ben Verrall, Andrew Berry, Jason McPhail and Dale Smith) are actively involved in the day-to-day operations from the procurement of livestock, through to processing, cold storage, marketing and administration. Along with our specialist management team we have built an enviable reputation for outstanding quality, consistency and service.

Australian Lamb Company Group - 25 Years

Our professional, highly skilled and dedicated workforce (numbering over 800) is directly responsible for the company’s growing success. Employees are dedicated to excellence and are trained to maintain rigorous standards in quality, food safety and hygiene. Both facilities are working with state-of-the-art plant and equipment enabling staff to guarantee high standards of service and ensure that without fail, we meet the exacting requirements of each customer.

ALC is dedicated to our environmental responsibilities and we are continuously seeking ways to engage in sustainable initiatives to help minimise our carbon footprint.
ALC has proven repeatedly its willingness to cater to whatever our customers’ desires as consumer demands vary greatly around the world. As markets develop, products are continually tailored to meet new requirements, guaranteeing that quality and satisfaction remains consistent.

Leading edge practices are evident throughout the supply chain with ALC meeting work industry standards including BRC, DQS, HACCP, HALAL and MSQA programs.

Australian Lamb Company Group is synonymous with the highest quality, sourcing livestock from the finest lamb producing areas in Southern Australia renowned for fresh, green, clean farming lands, from farmers dedicated to rearing quality prime lamb.

"Much of our livestock are sourced from our “farmers of choice” – producers who are committed to their land and the livestock they raise."

Our dedicated livestock team work closely with our preferred suppliers and can categorically say that Australian Lamb works with “the best lamb producers” anywhere in the world.

Australian Lamb also operates out of all major selling centres, through agents and direct from farm.

"Australian Lamb Company Group performs to the highest level of processing for lamb and mutton. The combination of our highly skilled processing employees, coupled with a number of automated processes ensures that the end product is of the highest quality. The ALC chain process includes a robotic Y-Cutter, robotic fat evisceration and a peltomatic which results in a superior end product for our customers."

ALC have recently installed a traceability system on the process floor which will provide insight into individual carcase tracking and farm of origin. This system will provide additional feedback of data for improved productivity and decision making both on farm and in the processing environment; biosecurity advantages; animal welfare compliance measurement; food safety trace back within the supply chain; and assuring access to our domestic and export markets.

ALC provide carcasses which are hanging or bagged, with sorting, loading and logistics managed by our skilled logistics team.

ALC operates two production and value adding rooms (located in Colac and Sunshine), with technology installed including the Leap 3 saw and a robotic middle machine. Our primal cutting system scans and creates a 3D map of the bones within a carcase allowing a guide for the primal cutter to operate with increased accuracy, ensuring we produce the highest quality of cut and yield every time.

Our highly skilled production team produces customer orders for primals and 6 way cut, to a more detailed range of tailor made, retail ready cuts with options including marinading, weight ranging and customized packaging.

We have a number of different packaging options including thermoform, vacuum bag and external pouching and are able to accommodate individual customer requirements.

Our on-site chilling and blast freezing operation provides a seamless storage, picking and distribution service to our customers’ DC, shipping or air freight location.

Our facility provides auto blast freezing to -40 degrees Celsius and plate freezing as well as chilling to -1 degree Celsius. We have the capacity to store pallets and a packing and picking system capable of filling mixed orders.

"Australian Lamb Company is one of only a few fully integrated lamb processing facilities which has processing, value adding and chilling/freezing/storage facilities all on the one site."

ALC holds a number of internationally recognized accreditations, quality certifications and licenses which provide a key competitive advantage in the global market, including:


  • Aus-Meat Accreditation Standards
  • Quality Management Systems and Food Safety Program
  • Animal Welfare Certification Program


  • HACCP program
  • Global Standard for Food Safety
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation

Coles Quality Assurance Standard

Department of Agriculture

  • Export Registered Establishment (No. 282)
  • Export Registered Establishment (No. 689)

Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria (ICCV) – Halal approval

National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) – Organic Certificate of Registration

Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard

Export listing to the EU, China, the Middle East, South East Asia, US and others

To remain a successful company in overseas markets, Australian Lamb Company Pty Ltd is always responsive to changing consumer needs, committed to excellence, competitiveness and maintaining a strong on-going representation in all markets..

In consultation with our clients, we have developed a wide range of innovative lamb products designed to satisfy the discerning tastes of each of our diverse markets. Our paramount objective is to strive always to produce Australian lamb of unsurpassed quality, a guarantee of satisfaction we're proud to endorse..

Our Sunshine processing & freezing facilities are located only 30 minutes from Melbourne's International Airport - Tullamarine, and 20 minutes from Port Melbourne..

This gives us the edge in responding rapidly to overseas customers requirements, forwarding by air chilled Australia Lamb fresh worldwide, in most cases within 36 hours of being produced..

Our chilled Sea Freight consignments enable product to age and tenderise as they travel the Oceans of the World arriving in pristine condition ideal for any occasion.

Sailing Times;
Asia - 12/18 Days.
United States - West Coast – 25 - 32 days.

Europe - 40 days.

For inquires please get in touch with us on the contacts page:

Andrew Berry
Marketing Manager

Jason McPhail
Production Manager Domestic sales

"Come and work with us..."

Australian Lamb Group is one of Australia’s most modern service processors and exporters of lamb and mutton, with 2 facilities, one located on the shores of Lake Colac, Victoria, and also a boning room in Sunshine.

We are recognized as an innovative employer providing exciting opportunities for our employees in areas such as processing, production, cold store and logistics, marketing, finance, maintenance,human resources and general management.

We employ both skilled and unskilled food process employees, with all employees provided the opportunity to undertake formal training in the TAFE Certificate 2 Meat Processing (Abattoirs).

"There is a world of opportunity for people who have the skills, experience and passion for Australian Lamb Group’s business."

We are recruiting for our Colac facility at the moment. Please contact for further information on job opportunities at Colac. Due to Covid-19 applications from people already living in our regional area are encouraged.


A brand that has become synonymous with quality, sourced from the finest lamb producing areas renowned for their fresh, green, clean farming lands Ambassador Premium Lamb is selected from farmers dedicated to rearing quality prime lamb.

Fresh, tender and full of flavour

Products are crafted to meet individual requirements met by stringent specifications. All Ambassador products are fresh, tender and full of flavour, sourced from lambs that are hand selected by our dedicated livestock team, they are endorsed as “the best lamb” anywhere in the world.



Sovereign Lamb is all natural prime lamb raised in the pristine Goldfields regions of Victoria Australia. This region was home to the Gold rush from 1835-1900 and is now considered to be a “natural haven”, famous for its rich, fertile and productive land, it is some of the finest lamb producing country in the world. The region has produced exceptional lambs since the 1880’s giving it a rich history with solid bloodlines. The pure lamb genetics of the Sovereign Lamb and the natural feeding regime of lush pastures, clean water and air, give the lamb a tender texture and a mild flavour, like no other.



The “1788 Australia” Mutton brand gets its name from the landing of the first fleet to Australia. In 1788 ships arrived from Great Britain, these ships carried the first sheep to set foot on Australian soil, initiating the birth of the great Australian Sheep industry we have today. 1788 brand is renowned for its quality and consistency all over the globe.


Everdene Oak

With our strict selection of livestock our Everdene Oak offal is a guarantee of the highest quality product. Chilled or frozen, ALC will provide the best available and greatest selection of offal products to both export and domestic markets.

Everdene Oak

Australian Lamb Company (ALC) has a whole of company commitment to responsible and sustainable growth. We believe that minimising the environmental impact of our activities, while providing quality products that meet the needs of consumers is fundamental to the successful growth of our business and the sustainability of our industry.

"Australian Lamb Company is committed to environmental responsibility and continuous reduction of our consumption of non-renewable resources and waste generation."

This is supported by a comprehensive Environmental Program led by a newly appointed Environment Manager with a focus on continuously seeking ways to reduce our impact on the environment and maintain strong environmental compliance.

At ALC we focus on the areas where we believe we can have the most impact. Our process ensures we quantify our current footprint, then move to assess and understand the risks and opportunities and finally adapt our business model and behaviours accordingly.

Programs currently underway include an audit of water consumption and quality into the waste stream; opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint in relation to electricity usage and ways to improve and expand our recycling program.

The upgrade of our site will also assist with making major changes in how we manage our trade waste and water volumes and we look forward to the opportunity of continuing to improve our existing water saving measures into the future.

"Think Safe - Work Safe - Home Safe."

ALC believes that most work-related injuries and diseases are preventable and that a "zero incidents" target is essential. We consider that there is nothing more important in the undertaking of anyone's job than prevention of injury or ill-health to people in our workplace, and recognize that all of our employees have an equal primary responsibility for providing and maintaining a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.

Australian Lamb Company therefore accepts primary responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees. To achieve this outcome, Australian Lamb Company has introduced and maintains an occupational health and safety system which provides for identification and assessment of hazards and risks, consultation, education and monitoring of the work environment.

With a Committee trained OH&S representatives which meets regularly our workforce is constantly monitored and issues addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Australian Lamb Company's robust quality assurance principles, procedures, standards and technology ensure that we continue to be one of the most highly regarded lamb processing companies in Australia.

Our company has both internal and independent audit and monitoring processes in place, and we understand the important link between ensuring our quality procedures are front of mind for all of our employees and the quality of our end product. Each employee understands their role in making sure our products deliver exactly what our customer is expecting.

Our company is regularly audited by several statutory bodies, including the Department of Agriculture and AusMeat. We hold British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation, as well as certification under the Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria (Halal).

There is a reason why Australian lamb has been finding its way onto the dinner plates of millions of people around the world. It is a real, traditional, wholesome, and unprocessed food. It’s that simple. Our lamb is not chemically altered. It is not injected with additional nutrients or vitamins. And that’s because it doesn’t need to be.

Australian lamb is rich in naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins – the best you can get! It is a nutritious food, providing a unique bundle of essential nutrients.

"Lamb is an excellent source of:"

  • protein (for growth and development);
  • vitamin B12 (great for the nervous system);
  • niacin (aids metabolism);
  • zinc (essential for our immune system); and selenium (an antioxidant which supports the immune system).
  • It is also a great source of riboflavin and iron, which helps carry oxygen to the muscles for energy and is important for brain performance, especially for memory and concentration.

So importantly, lamb is chock-full of vitamins and nutrients. But that’s not the most important reason to eat Australian lamb. The most important reason - it is delicious!


"You can always be assured that lamb will hit the spot for your health, and for your family and friends, every day."

Respect for the well-being, proper handling and humane processing of all animals within our care is a social and ethical responsibility. We understand that respecting the needs of the animals we process has a direct impact on our ability to provide our customers with the high quality, wholesome and affordable lamb products they put on their dinner table each night.

"High quality, wholesome lamb products"

At Australian Lamb Company, we take this responsibility very seriously, with our employees trained in correct animal handling practices in accordance with industry guidelines, ultimately serving as stewards of the animals entrusted to their care.

Our facility works in partnership with the Department of Agriculture with a review and audit process of our animal welfare conditions undertaken on a daily basis. ALC also meets the AMIC, Australian Meat Industry Corporation’s Industry Animal Welfare standards – Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: Livestock at Slaughtering Establishments.